08 November, 2022

Varadero Valencia carries out a fantastic comprehensive project together with the experts of Monzó Yacht Painting and The Carpentry

The team of Varadero Valencia Shipyard, together with the expert team of Monzó Yacht Painting and The Carpentry, have carried out an interesting and outstanding comprehensive project for a 23-meter-long CNB 76 sailboat from the CNB Yacht Builders Shipyard.

The yacht, which arrived at the Varadero Valencia facilities at the beginning of June, was hoisted and introduced into the 400m2 refit shed that Varadero Valencia offers to carry out refit projects without worrying about the weather conditions.

This project included a remodeling of the interior space carried out by the carpenters and cabinetmakers of The Carpentry, reforming two cabins to make room for a main one, including, in addition, the design and creation of the furniture. The structure of the bed was custom made with jatoba wood, along with the bed chest, drawers, headboard, as well as the interior furniture for the wardrobes and nightstands. The entire main cabin has an impeccable finish thanks to the application of a lacquered and varnished ceiling and doors, as well as vinyl flooring with a meticulous white strip work. Along with The Carpentry, Karinthia also participated in this project carrying out the interior design with renderings and sanding the deck.

Likewise, experts from Monzó Yacht Painting carried out the complete reform of the bathrooms and other exterior works such as wrapping the hull with vinyl, painting the mast, boom, spinnaker pole and spreaders. They also applied antifouling, repaired corrosion, deck polishing, rigging, dismasting and supply of ropes.

Varadero Valencia also coordinated the rest of the work that was carried out in terms of mechanics at the rudder, rigging replacement, electricity, electronics and inspection of fire extinguishers to comply with safety regulations.

Santiago Donat, Manager of Varadero Valencia, explains that 'this type of project, in which so many professional experts from different areas are involved, requires rigorous organization. Our team of Project Managers has placed special emphasis on every detail so as not to interrupt the work of each expert, always seeking the best solution for each job.’

In addition, Donat explains that having ‘in house’ carpentry and painting professionals in Varadero Valencia is a great benefit for clients, ‘because we have the ability to organize and coordinate everything directly, making the client forget about the project.’

This project is being completed at the same time as the high season for maintenance and repairs begins in Varadero Valencia, with a positive projection of refits ahead.

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