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Varadero Valencia has a multidisciplinary team of highly-trained specialists with wide experience in each of the trades necessary for repairing and reffiting boats.

We have a 360º service so that the client doesn’t have to worry about anything. We collect your boat from its base port, repair it and take care of returning it to its mooring for your convenience. Besides, each client receives a personal, friendly service from a specialist engineer who advises and manages his job from start to finish, covering each and every one of his needs.


The professionalism and skills of a workforce with over 40 years’ experience mean that we offer an impecable service for painting hulls, decks and superestructures, in addition to carrying out fiberglass, carbón and composite repairs.

We have suitable staff and resources for erecting custom wrap-around scaffolding and hangars, which are necessary for carrying out high-quality painting and repair jobs efficiently.

Scaffolding and Tents

  • Wrap-around scaffolding.
  • Tents and boat covers.
  • Shrink wrapping for Winter storage.


  • Termographic detection of hot spots.
  • Engine inspections using endoscopy.
  • Replanning of engine room.
  • Certified installation of new equipment (engines, generators, gearboxes).
  • Servicing and refitting of equipment.
  • Specialists in injection pumps.
  • Insulation.
  • Shafts, axles and propellers:
    • Alignment.
    • Measuring, repairing and calibration of propellers.
    • Changing of bearings and seals.
    • Installation of new equipment (bow and stern thrusters).


  • Installation of high-pressure flexible hoses.
  • Servicing and reffiting of pumps and pump sets.
  • Servicing and refitting of rams, pistons, roller furling systems, boom vangs, etc.
  • Regulation, servicing and repair of pumps.


  • Racing, cruising and classic ropes.
  • Specialists in mast stepping and unstepping operations.
  • Fabrication and fitting of rigging.
  • Servicing of winches.
  • Specialists in non-destructive diagnostic testing:
    • Dye-penetrant testing.
    • Ultrasound.
    • X-rays.


  • Designing and fabricating of metal structures such as balconies, extensions, tanks, platforms and bathing ladders, in aluminum and stainless Steel.
  • Hot-dipped and cold galvanized metals.
  • Installation of stainless Steel and galvanized iron pipework.
  • Designing and constructing exhaust systems.
  • Exhaust lagging.
  • Measuring of thicknesses by ultrasound.
  • Tool and die making. Construction of custom parts.

Electricity and Electronics

  • Designing and replanning of electrical installation.
  • Measuring of insulation.
  • Thermographic detection of hot spots.
  • Adjustment and synchronization of generators, efficiency testing with load bank.
  • Measuring battery charge.
  • Servicing, diagnostic testing and reconditioning of electric motors.
  • Supply, installation and repair of navigation equipment (GPS satellite navigation systems, plotters, autopilots, navigation software,thermal cameras).
  • Supply and maintenance of batteries, chargers, rectifiers, inverters.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

  • Supply and installation of air conditioning units (cooling-heating).
  • Checking of fan coils.
  • Gas charging.
  • Leak detection.
  • Servicing of compressors.
  • Fitting of new systems and insulation of compartments.


  • Designing, constructing and installing boilers.
  • Installation of PVC and polypropylene pipework.
  • Hamann bilge tanks. Periodic servicing and certification.
  • Servicing and replacement of seacocks and valves.
  • Servicing and refitting of wastewater treatment plants (certified by Marpol).
  • Emptying and cleaning of black and grey wastewater tanks. (Marpol Management).


  • Fabricating and laying teak decks.
  • Complete internal and external restoration.
  • Resealing of decks.
  • Designing and constructing internal furniture.
  • Caulking.

Upholstery/ Interiors

  • Making and repair of canopies, biminis and sun awnings.
  • Making of covers for deck-mounted equipment (winches, binnacles, helms, etc).
  • Made-to-measure mattresses for top decks.
  • Making of carpets.
  • Made-to-measure mattresses and bedding.
  • Upholstering aof sofás and made-to-measure curtains..
  • Waterproofing of fabrics.
  • Fireproofing of fabrics.


  • Fire extinguishers. Servicing, supply and installation of firefighting equipment. FM 200, CO2, NOVEC.
  • Servicing, supply and installation of fire detection equipment.
  • Servicing, supply and certification of:
    • Life rafts.
    • Emergency position-indicating radiobeacons – EPIRB.
    • Self-inflating lifejackets.
    • Inmersión suits.
    • Flares.
    • Jonbuoy MOB recovery modules.
  • Boats Technical Inspection (Inspección Técnica de barcos – ITB).
  • Servicing of diving equipment.

Rubber Dinghies

  • Repair of dinghies with PVC, neoprene and Hypalon.
  • Repair of fenders.


  • Outside and inside cleaning.
  • Wet or dry cleaning of upholstery and carpets.
  • Cleaning of engine room, bilge tanks, etc.
  • Disinfection, sterilization and deodorizing of mattresses, cushions and pillows, etc.


  • Replacement of top deck hatches and portholes.
  • Fabrication and installation of cut-to-size glass: toughened, laminated and curved.
  • Methacrilates.
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